Famous Pakistani Tiktoker Reveal Their Income Earned From Tiktok

Tiktok is a video-sharing platform in which you can create funny, action editing, and any more videos and entertain their audience with their videos and there are many people who tried their best to become famous on this platform but it’s not easy to become famous.

In a show, Areeqa Haq says that she can earn approx 150k to 200k rupees from her one video when she had 5 million followers on Tiktok and now her followers increases and she told that every Tiktoker can earn this amount within a month easily and Tiktok didn’t give you money, you have to earn by the sponsor

Like distinct nations, TikTok is blasting in Pakistan too. The customers of this software are growing colossally in Pakistan. There is not anything amiss with announcing that TikTok customers are transforming into stars and large names and that they have a remarkable fan following on TikTok.

\Areeka Haq is the third biggest well-known TikTok supermega celebrity. And 2d biggest girl Pakistani TikTok super-mega celebrity at the 2021 rating list. She is likewise known as the queen of TikTok. Areeka Haq is the maximum lovely and biggest social media influencer.

She is understood for her fashionable seems and glamorous motion pictures on Tik Tok and has achieved a whole lot of advertising for brands. Areeka She has been greater well-known on TikTok because of her music Tum Tum with Asim Azhar. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of famous Tiktokers of Pakistan.

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