Fans Criticise On Mehar Bano Viral Dance On Social Media

Mehar Bano is the best and talented television serial drama actress, film actress, model, and web series actress in Pakistan who start her career in 2012 and she played the best role in ten television drama serials till 2021 and she also appears in Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 and played the role of Rida in this drama.

Previously, the actress received a lot of hatred and critic for his dance videos but in a post, he clearly said, “If you do not like dancing, do not take it with me” and Mehar Bano always use trend sound to make her video on Instagram and share it on her account.

We’ve also seen her in several great photoshoots and commercials. But what most of us didn’t know is that Mehar has a dance and theater institute in Karachi called the Sway Dance Project. Thanks to this institute, young people are trained in the field of theater and dance.

Mehar Bano is fully connected with his fans via Instagram and often shares his life updates. Mehar Bano is a famous Pakistani actress. Since her debut in 2012, she has toured. While we all enjoyed her excellent performance in the online series Churails, most of us had no idea that she was an equally talented dancer.

Mehar’s latest Instagram video shows just how talented she is. Mehar Bano carefully chooses the script for each of his projects. Always try to do something that will have a profound effect on the audience. Let’s have a look at the bold pictures of Mehar Bano while doing the dance.

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