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Alyzeh Gabol And Zoraiz Malik Remove The Rumors Of Divorce Through Stories

Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik recently get married to each other and fall in love within a short period of time but there were some problem occurs between them and the rumor spread that they get divorced and going to start their separate life but they clear the rumor.

Recently, last month, rumors spread that Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik were in the process of getting a divorce. But it wasn’t immediately clear if the two were married and now they shared images through social media platforms and spread the love for each other on social media.

Zoraiz Malik’s family never approved of their marriage. Malik Riaz’s daughter and Zoraiz’s mother, Aasia Amer, called them out publicly on her Instagram. Aasia Amer hit the two again when she posted a photo of Zoraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol together.

After all the divorce rumors and the dastardly things some accounts have said about her relationship on social media, Alyzeh Gabol posted a beloved photo with her husband Zoraiz Malik. Alyzeh is one of those rare celebrities who have achieved incredible fame in such a short time.

Alyzeh Gabol has worked with many western and eastern clothing brands. It is mainly seen in different designer collections and other clothing brands. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Zuraiz Malik and Alyzeh Gabol while sharing their love with each other through stories and comments.

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