Hania Amir Trolled Dance When Asim Azhar Sing In A Event

Hania Amir is a famous, talented, beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous film actress, model, singer, dancer, and television serial drama actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and she recently found in a drama in 2021 and the drama name is Dil Ka Chor and she played the role of Remail in this television serial drama.

Fans love Hania’s boldness and energetic personality, which gets her in trouble, but not this time around. After a video of Hania Aamir dancing with a fan in a public place became popular on social media and her fans and memers trolled her video and make memes on it and start trolling her.

Hania Aamir was recently seen dancing to Asim Azhar’s song at a concert in Karachi. After Hania’s video went viral on social media, she received heavy criticism and trolls from internet users. Dozens of memes have been made about Hania after her recent video.

Her fans know that Hania loves to dance and never misses an opportunity to go wild with her favorite beats. Recently she was spotted at a party with her friends, where she had a great time. The internet flew a few moments where Hania was seen dancing with her Hania Amir is one of the biggest names in show business right now.

The young actress has melted the hearts of fans around the world with her brilliant on-screen performances. People adore him. her looks and charming personality. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Hania Amir while she was vibing on the song of Asim Azhar.

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