Natasha Khalid Celebrate Her Birthday With Friend And Family

Natasha Khalid is a famous Beautician and she also had a salon and her salon name is Natasha Saloon and she provides the service of Haircutting, Haircare, and nail care and she becomes a famous beautician in a short period of time she also did bridal makeup.

She is the granddaughter of the legendary singer from Pakistan “Noor Jahan”. She is married to Ali Lakhani and has a lovely daughter Shahnoor and she spends her life happily with her beloved husband and She has a daughter which is so pretty like her.

Natasha Khalid was recently spotted in Dubai, according to reports. He spent his birthday in Dubai with his friends and family. His birthday party was beautifully documented and he shared it with us. She is the granddaughter of legendary Pakistani singer “Noor Jahan”.

Natasha is the daughter of Noor Jahan’s beloved daughter, Hina Durrani. She is married to Ali Lakhani and has a lovely daughter Shahnoor. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter and lives a happy life. She is not directly involved in the show as she runs her own salon.

Celebrity makeup artist Natasha Khalid announced that she became a mother on January 24. Two days later, she revealed that she is now a mother to a baby girl. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Natasha Khalid with her family and friends while celebrating her birthday.

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