Noor Zafar Khan Looking Gorgeous In Her New Red Bridal Photoshoot

Noor Zafar Khan is the prettiest actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who appeared in many photoshoots and she was looking so precious Bride in her red bridal dress and she shares her new pictures with her fans through Instagram.

Two years have passed she did not appear in any television serial drama but she appears in many bridal photoshoots and she increase her beauty after every bridal photoshoot and in 2019 she played the role of Noor Mushtaq and the drama was Bharam.

Famous Pakistani actress Noor Zafar Khan amused her fans by appearing in a wedding photoshoot. The “Preet Na Kariyo Koi” star can be seen wearing a beautiful wedding suit. She entered the Pakistani fashion industry as a model and appeared in numerous wedding photoshoots.

Later, she became an actress and started her acting career with the drama “Preet Na Kariyo Koi” in 2015. Later, she appeared in more than fifteen plays. with her incredible acting skills. She is the younger sister of actress Sarah Khan which is also a famous actress in Pakistan.

Noor Zafar started her career as a model and starred in numerous TV commercials. She then made her acting debut in the plays Tou Dil Ka Kiya Hua, SayaeDewar Bhi Nahi, and Preet Na Kariyo Koi and let’s have a look at the beautiful and gorgeous pictures of Zoor Zafar Khan in which she wears a beautiful red bridal dress and looks like a pretty queen.

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