Muneeb Butt is a famous, handsome, gorgeous, and talented television serial drama actor and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and we can say that he is also a Youtuber because he is quite active on Youtube and shares his videos on Youtube channel.

Munneb Butt shares vlog videos with her wife on his Youtube channel and he has above 600k subscribers on his youtube channel. Actor Muneeb Butt is a multitalented person who is a famous actor and also active on social media accounts like Instagram.

According to Muneeb, he prefers to spend time with his family on Sundays. Muneeb and her family accidentally met Minal and Ahsan for dinner. The family has been seen spending time together Minal Khan feels so good while spending time with her sister Aiman Khan.

Recently, Muneeb Butt shared a new vlog on her YouTube channel, showing Muneeb and Aiman ​​having dinner with their lovely daughter Amal on Sunday night. According to Muneeb, he enjoys spending time with his family on Sundays.

As if Aiman’s legions of fans (8.8 million followers!) Weren’t enough to cover his love photos, twin sister Minal Khan couldn’t help but adore the little one too. Amal, regularly leaving comments under the cute family photos. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Muneeb but with her wife and family while spending time on family dinner.