Ayeza Khan was found in many photoshoots and recently she wears a dark green dress in which she looks so beautiful and as a talented actress, she was nominated for the Pakistan International Screen Awards and won the award for television best actress.

Ayeza Khan also won another award from the Lux Award Show for being the best television actress and as a model, she always do her photoshoot and shared her pictures with her fans through a social media app whose name is Instagram and she had a lot of followers on Instagram.

Pakistan lost its head to Ayeza Khan and that is no surprise. She looks gorgeous in real life and on a reel with an engaging Instagram feed that keeps fans hooked. The Chupke star Chupke looks stunning with a brand new hairstyle and party outfits from the designer’s upcoming collection.

These days, Ayeza has mainly shared photos and videos from her campaigns for major fashion brands. Ayeza Khan got everyone talking about her recreations of iconic celebrity looks she gave her fans on social media. Ayeza appeared in a stunning wedding campaign for Saadia Asad’s “NOOR WEDDING’21”.

Wear an exquisite wedding suit from their latest collection. Ayeza looks so ethereal in the alluring and gorgeous outfit created on her for the shoot. Ayeza Khan is one of the most talented and beautiful models who wear different dresses and shared her latest pictures with her fans, Let’s have a look.