Ayesha Omer is a beautiful actress who likes to wear short and tight dresses for showing her fitness and beautiful body and she mostly wears a top from her arm does not cover with a cloth and on the bottom she wears shorts and in her short dress mostly fans criticize her pictures.

Ayesha Omer looks so beautiful, amazing, stunning, and gorgeous in her new pictures which she shared with her fans through her Instagram account and some fans give positive comments and some fans criticize her latest pictures when she was in Tanzania.

Ayesha Omer comes from a strong family where her mother has always struggled to raise her and her brother. She is a strong and highly educated girl herself. Ayesha is a big lover of nature and recently had a great time in Tanzania. he also visited the Serengeti Safari and his great photos of the national park are so adorable.

She made her film debut with a starring role in the hit romantic comedy Karachi Se Lahore, a supporting character in the films Yalghar and Kaaf Kangna. The Bulbulay star, who is currently on vacation in East Africa, took to her Instagram account on Saturday to share a video of her swimming with a group of turtles in a body of water.

Sharing glimpses of his trip to Serengeti National Park, he beams with happiness in the aforementioned clicks. He shared amazing photos of the lush forests of Tanzania. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Ayesha Omer when she is in Tanzania and click some amazing pictures with the animals in Tanzania and share these pictures with her fans through the social media app Instagram.