Sajal Aly And Bilal Abbas Khan Latest Beautiful Photoshoot Together Looking Gorgeous

Sajal Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan both are famous actress and actor who impress their audience with their best acting skill together and they also appear in many photoshoots together for film promotion and both are looking so beautiful and gorgeous, Sajal Ali looks pretty in her new black and white dress.

Dozens of photoshoots, promotional appearances, and premieres of their long-awaited film have shown us more of this couple’s looks together. Sajal Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan both are found in many photoshoots in different countries for the promotion of the film Khel Khel Mein.

Aside from the duo and on-screen colleagues, they’re both incredibly quick friends. As theaters have been closed due to the pandemic for a year and a half, audiences can miss a lot of movies in theaters after opening the theater’s actors and actresses full of joy.

Fortunately, Khel Khel Mein became the first Pakistani film to entertain audiences after theaters reopened. Having said that, Bilal confessed that he felt he could never play a romantic role with her. “I don’t think I can ever do a romantic role or a project with Sajal. And if I do, it will be very difficult.”

“He’s still laughing,” he said, indicating why. “But it’s still fun to work with her. It has a fun, compensated vibe. “She also worked with many of the top artists, but as she said she enjoyed working with Aiza Khan, Fahad Mustafa, and Ahsan Khan. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Sajal Ali and Bilal Abbas Khan together in which both are looking so fit and beautiful for the promotion of their new film.

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