How Asim Azhar’s Mother Gul-e-Rana Manage Overcome Negativity After Divorce

Gul-e-Rana is a famous and talented television serial drama actress who has appeared in many television serial dramas and she is also an active politician and her son is also a very famous singer and his name are Asim Azhar who sing many famous and hit songs.

Things change after divorce, but some relationships never change. I never forced Asim to leave his father, because he is still his father. Asim Azhar is also a good person who did not leave his father after the divorce, he also meets his father and his mother allows him to meet his father.

He too has the right to meet his father whenever he wants. You have to stay positive to face such situations because nothing is easy. Asim reveals that his mother’s marriage was a marriage of love and that in 2010, her mother divorced her father Azhar Hussain, who is also a musician.

Asim said his father had temperament issues, this could be the reason for the divorce between his parents. Asim’s father married twice, Asim has 5 more siblings from his father’s first wife, Azhar Hussain. He always kept Asim and his father’s family on excellent terms.

Asim regularly meets his father and aunts in a friendly manner. As a mother, she kept a slogan for herself and her son “Try not to lie”. Mom made Asim get up and that’s why she is today. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures of Asim Azhar’s mother in a show during the interview.

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