Umar Akmal was the best cricketer in Pakistan national cricket team who played many matches and perform his best batting performance in international matches against many countries and he was one of the best batsmen in the Pakistan National cricket team.

Umar Akmal fall in love with a girl whose name is Noor Amna and she also love Umar Akmal because he was the best batsman in Pakistan national cricket team and both fall in love with each other and decided to get married and now they are happy married couple.

During the wedding ceremony, the guests were treated to a plate. In addition, Omar Akmal called the wedding day a memorable day. Speaking to the media with his wife Noor Amna, he said the day was eagerly awaited. Hopefully, like a cricket career, married life will be successful.

Just a few days ago, Umar Akmal created an account on TikTok where he continues to upload his daily videos. Umar is also often criticized social media for his comedic videos. But he does not listen to people and they continue their work. And he is undoubtedly a man with a simple temperament and morals.

Noor and Umar Akmal live a happy married life. He often shares a couple of photos on Instagram and shares his feelings for his beautiful wife. Whether it’s Noor’s birthday or their anniversary, Umar Akmal has always wished him romantic legends. Let’s have at the marriage pictures of Umar Akmal with her beloved wife Noor Amna during their wedding in which both are looking so beautiful.

Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal (L) poses for a photograph with his bride Noor Amna during their wedding reception in Lahore on April 16, 2014. Akmal’s wedding has attracted big headlines in Pakistani media over his hairstyle and expensive sherwani — the groom’s traditional long coat. AFP PHOTO / ARIF ALI