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Sunita Marshall Looking So Beautiful On Friend Birthday With Her Husband

Sunita Marshal as a model likes to wear short and beautiful dresses in which she looks so pretty and beautiful and recently she was on the birthday of her friend and she wears a simple dress shirt and tight jeans and shared her beautiful pictures with her fans.

Sunita Marshall’s appearance feels her friend so proud because of her participation on the birthday of that person. Sunita Marshall is also active on her social media account because she keeps updating her fans with her best pictures and videos through video and photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Sunita Marshall is married to actor Hassan Ahmed and they have two children. Recently, Sunita shared her beautiful photos with her husband Hassan Ahmed, who is also a famous actor. But her husband Hassan Ahmed is a Muslim and belongs to a Muslim family.

Both have appeared in many Pakistani dramas. And people like this couple a lot too. Ahmed also explained how he plans to raise his children, saying, “Our children are 100% Muslim, but we do not prevent them from celebrating other holidays.

At Christmas, they celebrate as they do in my house. family.” Marshall was recently spotted at a birthday party with her husband and close friends. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Sunita Marshall with her husband when she was on the birthday of her friend.

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