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Mohammad Rizwan Tell About His Medical Health After Recovery

Muhammad Rizwan is the best batsman in Pakistan national cricket team who appears in many international matches and become the best cricketer due to his best batting performance and he gains a lot of fan following in his international cricket career.

Muhammad Rizwan was in critical condition due to losing in the semi-final international cricket match and he perform well but unfortunately, Pakistan lose the match with Australia. Muhammad Rizwan is a sensitive person who can’t bear his infraction and felt unhealthy.

Before the semi-final, Rizwan suffered the flu and spent two nights in a hospital in Dubai, where he was admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). He reportedly developed a serious lung infection and received special medical treatment. He said to keep calm his family.

“But I was out of breath when I got to the hospital,” Rizwan said. He said his condition was not good and doctors told him his esophagus and airways were blocked. The team doctor said Rizwan was hospitalized on Tuesday and spent two nights in intensive care.

Two nights in the ICU, Rizwan responded well to symptomatic medication and showed significant improvement. Her pain score was 2/10. The doctor believes that various factors may have contributed to his faster recovery. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Muhammad Rizwan after become healthful.

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