Fahad Mustafa Faces Criticism on His Recent Statement While Share Post On Instagram

Fahad Mustafa is a famous, talented, and beautiful television serial drama actor, film actor, host, producer, and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who appears in many television serial dramas and now he is hosting a famous television show whose name is Jeeto Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa share a post on Instagram and he wrote that When you help the poor, leave the camera at home but his fans start commenting down and said that when you start making a show then you would also avoid the camera and some fans said that it’s a good statement.

The actor is a kind-hearted person but often lands in hot water after expressing his views on different things including social media, society & common social practices. The actor is considered to be a public figure and fans don’t shy to criticize him. It is not that he only gets criticism.

Fans love the actor too. Our celebrities are those who get mostly bullied and trolled on social media for any certain reason. Now recently Fahad Mustafa advised on his Instagram account regarding the intentions while helping someone needy or poor.

He is of the view that put your cameras aside while helping others. He clearly meant not to showcase your efforts if you are helping others. Let’s have a look at the pictures and comments on the Instagram post of Fahad Mustafa in which some fans appreciate his statement and some fans criticize it.

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