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Wasim Akram’s Wedding Old Beautiful Pictrues

Wasim Akram is a famous and talented coach, Pakistan cricket commentator, former cricketer, and captain of Pakistan National Cricket team. Wasim Akram is a left-handed batsman and left-arm fast bowler and his role in National cricket team for All-Rounder.

Wasim Akram start his cricket career in 1984 in Pakistan international cricket team and played his first match against New Zealand in 1985. His wife was a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. She was always there for her husband. It seems that his wife is still missing Wasim Akram.

She has stated that she (Huma) will always be alive in their hearts and that her greatest gifts, those of her son, carry on her good spirit. He also added that she was gone but would still be there for us. Akram’s father is not feeling well and wants his son to remarry, the sources said. His first wife Huma died in 2009.

Thompson arrived in Karachi earlier this month and flew to Lahore to meet Akram’s father. Wassim proposed to the kneeling 30-year-old former public relations consultant last month and they tied the knot on August 12.Former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram celebrated his childhood with a classic photo of himself when he attended his uncle’s wedding as “Serbala”.

The marriage seems a bit sudden, but this can be explained by the fact that Wasim Akram’s father (Choudhry Mohammad Akram) is in pain and it is possible that the family saw fit to conclude the marriage in his presence. Let’s have a look at the old pictures of Wasim Akram at his wedding occasion.

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