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Aiman Khan Beautiful Pictures In A&M Closet

Aiman and Minal both are beautiful, famous, and talented television serial drama actresses and models in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and as a model, they launch her brand with the capital word of her first name like A for Aiman and M for Minal, and brand name is A&M.

As a model, Aiman Khan likes to wear the dress of her own brand and she did many photo shoots in many other dresses for advertisement but it’s a benefit for her as a famous actress she promotes her own brand free without any cost and her sister Minal Khan also promote it.

Aiman ​​and Minal are especially in the spotlight in the filming of their brand. Aiman ​​Khan recently did a fascinating photo shoot for his brand’s latest AandM wardrobe collection. Embroidery, crafts, colors, and textures are chosen very wisely for the winter season.

Aiman ​​Khan looks really stunning in any outfit. Burgundy and black dresses adorned with beautiful embroidery are definitely a staple in your wardrobe. Aiman ​​Khan recently launched his perfume in collaboration with Kohassa, he recently posted about it and said: This Oudh is very special to me.

Aiman ​​is a fashion icon for many girls and founded his own clothing brand with his twin sister, Minal Khan. It was a side business that can keep them in touch with the fashion world. Let’s have a look at the photoshoot of Aiman Khan in her own Brand’s dress.

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