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Babar Ali Attended Marriage Ceremony In Lahore Latest Pictures

Babar Ali is a famous and talented television drama serial and film actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Babar Ali start his career with a television drama serial whose name is Shee jee it was presented by the NTM channel. Babar Ali did his first film in 1995 whose name is Jeeva.

Babar Ali was born on June 30, 1975, in Sialkot (Punjab, Pakistan) and according to 2021, he is 46 years old. Babar Ali is an actor as well as a television host. In 2021 Babar Ali presented in a film whose name is Amanat and he played the role of Malik Furqan.

Babar Ali said that until a few days ago heroines he was the hero of and recorded songs with them, he has now become their villain but he was not overcome with frustration. Babar Ali did many angry scenes in the television drama serials.

He said of health The two films in which he became a villain after Yabi is still the most successful film in the Pakistani film industry. film and television artists worked in the media field for some time. Babar Ali is a skilled and wonderful artist in the Pakistani film and entertainment industry.

He began his vocation very young at the age of 21. It would not be out of place to say that Babar Ali plays an important role in promoting Pakistani show business. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Babar Ali when he was at the wedding ceremony of his friend.

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  1. بالکل۔۔۔بابر علی ہماری فلم اور ڈرامہ کے شعبے کی ایک مایہ ناز شخصیت ہیں۔ ایسے ماحول میں جہاں سکینڈل بننا عام سی بات ہے بلکہ کچھ لوگ تو خبروں میں اپنی جگہ بنائے رکھنے کے لئے سکینڈل بنواتے بھی ہیں بابر علی نے خود کو ان آلائیشوں سے بچائے رکھا۔ آجکل کے اکثر اداکاوں کو کم از کم ان سے یہ سبق تو سیکھ ہی لینا چاہیئے

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