Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri Have An Dinner Date In Dubai Beautiful Pictures

Aima Baig is a famous singer in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and her husband Shahbaz Shigri is a famous and talented actor in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and both are spotted in Dubai while having a dinner date. Aima is well known for her singing skills around the world.

Aima Baig looked so pretty and beautiful while having dinner with Shahbaz Shigri and in the pictures, she is looking so skinny but she is not skinny she does exercises to become fit and healthy and maintains her diet for losing belly fat. Aima looks so pretty when she smiles.

Aima Baig got engaged to model and actor Shahbaz Shigri at an intimate event in Islamabad, Pakistan a few months ago. Aima and Shigri have been in the spotlight since they were first spotted together and have treated their fans with beloved photos on social media.

Her boyfriend Shahbaz Shigri is a model and actor. Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have been dating for some time after announcing their relationship on a TV show in 2020. They got engaged a few months ago in an intimate ceremony and looked so beautiful in that ceremony.

The couple was recently spotted having dinner in Dubai. These two are recently hanging out. quality time in Dubai. Gorgeous Aima Baig shared these beautiful photos on Instagram with the caption of a late-night date with her boyfriend. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shirgi while having dinner in Dubai.

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  1. Well she is in 04 different suits and a morning breakfast picture is also shared. This means its not a dinner date. Its a week long day and night dating. Hope to hear good news soon 😋

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