Wedding Pictures Of Zara Tareen And Faran Tahir

Faran Tahir is a famous television and film actor who was born on February 16, 1963, in Los Angles, California, United States. Faran Tahir start his acting career in 1994 with a famous movie whose name is Jungle Book and he represents the role of Nathoo in this movie.

Faran Tahir falls in love with a Pakistani talented and beautiful actress Zara Tareen. Her most notable performance was that of Zuleikha Tayi in the hit drama series Mushk. She and her sister, Hira Tareen, are making their mark in the entertainment industry.

Zara Tareen also appeared in the drama series Mushk as Zuleikha Tayi. Zara Tareen is the sister of actress and model Hira Tareen. She married actor Faran Tahir in Lahore on November 6, 2021. Faran Tahir is an American actor. He was born in Los Angeles into a family of artists.

His parents are veteran actor Naeem Tahir and radio host Yasmin Tahir and his grandparents were writers Imtiaz Ali Taj and Hijab Imtiaz Ali. Faran Tahir is married to actress Zara Tareen and this is her third marriage. Let’s have a look at the wedding pictures of Zara Tareen and Faran Tahir.

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