Saba Qamar is a talented actress who appeared in hospital in the last few days due to unfair health. Saba Qamar uses hygienic food to protect her health but what is the reason behind her illness. Saba Qamar is a talented actress but due to illness, she can’t concentrate on her career.

This 32-year-old actress started her career in 2004 with television drama serials whose names are Mein Aurat Hoon and Chaap and she played the role of Rubina and Zarina. Saba Qamar’s first film was Aina in 2013 and Saba Qamar played the role of Rita in this film.

Saba Qamar is in turmoil these days. Since the trailer for his upcoming debut film arrived in Bollywood, Qamar has received a positive response to his strong presence in the trailer. And that’s no small feat, as the film also stars actor Irfan Khan.

In March 2021, Saba Qamar announced that she was now engaged to Azeem Khan, an Instagram blogger she has never met. they were not happy since Azeem Khan was charged with harassment. One of the women claimed to have been harassed and verbally assaulted online. Khan posted a video in response to his enemies.

He hinted at his upcoming projects on his Instagram via cleverly crafted articles and stories. Without divulging concrete details, these posts that she made are enough to arouse the curiosity and intrigue of the public. Let’s have a look at Saba Qamar’s hospitalized pictures.