Alyzeh Gabol Latest Beautiful Pictures In Dubai

Alyzeh Gabol is a famous, talented, beautiful, and gorgeous model and television actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Alyzeh Gabol also conducts many shows or goes to the shows as a host. Alyzeh Gabol has a god-gifted beauty and acting talent.

Alyzeh Gabol recently was in Dubai and she enjoy the journey of Dubai a lot. Alizey wears black shorts and a white top in which she looks so pretty and beautiful. It was not the proper dress but Alizey likes the western dress a lot and likes to wear it when she goes out of the country.

She entered the show business as a model and later became a television actress. You will all remember his famous hit drama Rangreza with actor Bilal Abbas Khan. The model also made a cameo appearance in the 2017 film “Rangreza” opposite hunk Bilal Ashraf. Gabol married a boy named Osama very early on.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the couple did not separate until a few years later. They have together a girlfriend named Miraal. Here we tell you another interesting thing that after receiving the news of Zoraiz Malik’s second marriage, the family dismissed him as CEO of the City Housing Society.

And after hearing the second news of Zoraiz’s marriage, some of the relatives expressed their outrage. Alyzeh is currently in Dubai and continues to share photos with her fans and followers on a public account, she is followed by a large number of persons.

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