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Minal Khan Gain Weight After Marriage Latest Pictures

Minal Khan recently was very active on a social media platform and she shared her latest pictures with her fans while visiting different countries and she enjoyed a lot of food and eating in bulk and now she gain weight and become fat and healthy.

The reason behind her being fat may be that she was on the trip of honeymoon and she is going to become a mother, therefore, she gain weight. She had a twin sister. At first, it was very difficult to recognize them. They both look alike. After the wedding, Aiman ​​Khan got a bit fat while Minal Khan is still the same.

Minal Khan officially married actor and model Ahsan Mohsin Ikram on September 10, 2021, this year. And after spending just a week of their wedding in Pakistan, Minal and Ahsan traveled to the Maldives and Dubai for their honeymoon.

But sadly, when the bold photos of Minal Khan celebrating his honeymoon with her husband went viral on social media, there was an uproar on social media. After seeing the couple’s viral honeymoon photos, people began to say that looking at the photos of the actors their parents’ education was reflected in their clothes.

The Ishq Hai star has revealed that people make comparisons to her twin sister, and this comparison touches her very much. The Jalan ss actor said, “I’ve heard people say Aiman ​​is thinner and a better actor, while the fat twin is Minal.” They are twin sisters. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Minal Khan in which she looks fat and healthy.

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