Fans Criticised on Model Sadaf Kanwal’s New Dress

Sadaf Kanwal is a beautiful, famous, talented, gorgeous, and stunning film actress, television actress, and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Sadaf Kanwal impresses her fans with her beautiful look and best acting performance in television drama serials and films.

Sadaf Kanwal was born in Karachi (Sindh Pakistan) and she start her career in 2014 and in 2015 she was nominated for the Lux Style Award for the best model of the year. Model Sadaf Kanwal sheds light on her relationship with her husband Shahroze Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf’s daughter Nooreh.

During this interview, when asked about his take on Aurat March and feminism, Sadaf said: “Our culture is our husband. I married him, which means I have to take his shoes off and iron his clothes. I know where all of Shahroz’s things are. Are and what and when he needs to eat.

I need to know these things because I am his wife and I am a woman. Sadaf Kanwal also spoke cautiously on the issue of feminism and the women’s march and he said he would not discuss it, but he meant that a woman should know all the needs and rights of her husband.

Actor and TV host Ahmed Ali Butt stepped forward and avoided those who bully Kanwal for her remarks. She questioned people who laugh at a woman. The actress has been criticized for her fashion choices. The criticism began when Sadaf took to Instagram to share the photos she was in her short dress while she was doing a ramp walk. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Sadaf Kanwal.

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