Hania Amir is a talented and beautiful actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry and recently she was looking beautiful stunning and gorgeous in IPPA in Istanbul and she wears a Sleeveless top at this event. She looked like a beautiful fish.

Hania Amir is a talented actress and she does not focus on her fan’s criticized comments. Hania Amir is an independent girl and a famous actress. Hania Amir is the least beautiful and talented actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Hania Amir’s body looks fresh all time because she took care of her body.

Lately, Hania Aamir was spotted at the IPPA Awards last night in Istanbul, Turkey. Hania was seen wearing a reddish-pink sleeveless dress at the event. Hania completed her look with a gel back hairstyle. Hania has spent five successful years in the industry in Pakistan.

Her fans congratulate her with immense love. She won two awards in 2018 from Hum TV, one was the “Best Television Sensation Award” and the other was “Most Stylish Actress”. Hania Amir Anaa’s drama was a blockbuster, her two plays Ishqiya and Dil Ruba recently came to an end.

Her two plays were a big hit. Flying, Hania did it all. Hania Amir Always wears shorts and fit dresses for looking precious and beautiful. She recently appears in IPPA and she wears a tight dress on which her fans criticize her dress and now let’s have a look at the dress of Hania Amir which she wears in IPPA in Istanbul.