Stage Drama Actress Nargis Latest Beautiful Clicks With her Husband

Nargis is a famous, talented, and beautiful stage dancer, mujra performer, host, comedian, and film actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. The real name of Nargis is Ghazala Shah but she knew by her stage name which is Nargis. She did many stage performances in her stage drama career.

Nargis was born on 11 August 1976 in Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan) and according to 2021 she is 45 years old but she still looks healthy, beautiful, and fit. She starts her acting career in filmography in 1983 with a film whose name is Johar ki Behen and it was a Punjabi movie which was presented in 1983.

Latterly on, she left the Assiduity and did hosting as well. A vituperative relationship/ reproach of the actress also made swells into the news. Still, she after that, faded from the spotlight. Nowadays the actress is running her beauty salon and is happily married. She on with her hubby make a perfect couple.

Nargis is settled in Canada but she runs her salon and apparel business in Pakistan. So check out her beautiful filmland with hubby Majid Bashir. Nargis is a sizzling film actress turned stage actress of Pakistan. She’s the most notorious stage cotillion of Pakistan.

Right now she’s abiding in Canada with her hubby and children. In a statement, the actress said that she wants to help widows, orphans, and skillful women with fiscal backing and training. I request all the parents to educate their daughters so that they can stand in the society, she expressed. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Nargis and her husband together.

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