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Famous Tiktoker Silent Girl Blessed With a Baby Boy Latest Beautiful Pictures

Silent Girl is a famous TikTok in Pakistan. She makes funny videos on Tiktok. Sometimes she makes lipsync Tiktok videos to entertain her audience. She has above 6 million followers on Tiktok. She is also active on her social media account. She has an Instagram account.

She is active on her Instagram Account and uploads daily photos to keep updating their followers. She becomes popular on Tiktok due to her dialogue which is Bawa G Sialkot. She usually uses this dialogue Bawa G Sialkot in her every Tiktok video.

The real name of Silent girl is Rimsha. If we talked about her age in 2021 she is 22 years old. The silent girl was born in 1999 in Sialkot. She used her name as a Silent girl on her social media accounts but her real name is Rimsha. But she prefers her other name Silent girl.

Recently Silent girl get married to a famous Tiktoker whose name is Usama Bhalli. This beautiful couple with a beautiful baby boy. Silent girl meet Usama at Tiktok platform after some time they start to make couple videos and fall in love with each other and now they become life partners.

Silent girl shared pictures of her baby on Instagram. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Usama Bhalli and Silent girl with their beautiful baby boy.

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