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Aiman And Minal Khan Latest Beautiful Pictures With Brother

Minal Khan and Aiman Khan are twins sisters. They both are very talented and beautiful actresses in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. They were born in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan) on the same date. If we talked about their ages they are 22 years old according to 2021.

Minal and Aiman like to go on vacation once a month. Recently Aiman and Minal Khan were gone on a trip with their brother and friends. They were quite active on her social media account and shared their movements with their fans and keep them updated with the latest happenings.

Aiman Khan is well- known showbiz celebrity. She’s the family of the notorious actress Minal Khan. Minal Khan lately got married to Ahsan Mohsin Ikram in a fairytale marriage form. Aiman Khan and Minal Khan both are really good actors and they’ve also been championing some of the leading contrivers of Pakistan.

Aiman and Minal started their trip at a really youthful age which is why it won’t be wrong to say that they’ve converted in further ways than one. Minal Khan and Aiman Khan are some of the family’s braces that we absolutely adore. No difficulties, no sensational news, and no senseless commentary on social media, both are always cheering each other for success and further.

Both also started their apparel adventure Aiman X Minal Closet together and it has been soaring to success. This is why we love seeing them together on social media. The two of them have come ménage names in the country – from appearing in megahit TV shows to doing ramp walks. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Minal and Aiman Khan with their brother.

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