Hira Mani Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband And Children In USA

Hira Mani is a talented television drama serial actress, film actress and model in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Recently she was in the USA with her husband and two children. She likes to go on vacations with her family. She starts her career with a television show.

In 2010 she host a television show whose name is Hum 2 Hamra Show. Her first television serial drama was Meri Teri Kahani and she played the role of Hira in this television drama serial. She also played the role in songs. In 2018 she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress.

32- time-old actress and model Hair Mani started her showbiz career after marrying talented actor Salman Sheikh, else, she’d have spent her time in housework before marriage. But Hira got interested in acting in her academy and council days and she kept working hard to get into amusement.

And after marrying Salman aka Mani, her fortune woke up. She’s relatively active on her Instagram accounts and noway stays behind in impressing her followership by participating in her rearmost filmland. She uploaded the filmland of her son and numerous of the suckers poured love on the picture.

The manner in which she has set up herself in the business graces adulating and worth appreciating. Hira is winning the hearts of individualities with her inconceivable exhibitions constantly. She got hitched to imitator and Host Salman Saqib in 2008 and favored with two sons. Let’s have a look at the pictures of Hira Mani with her husband and sons in the USA.

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