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Wahab Riaz and Hassan Ali with their Wives Latest Pictures

Wahab Riaz is a famous Pakistani cricketer, he is a fast bowler and right-handed batsman. The frequency of Wahab Riaz’s bowling speed is 144km/h to 154km/h. Wahab Riaz was born on born 28 June 1985 in Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan). He is a left-arm fast bowler.

He start his career in 2008 at the domestic level. At the start, he played national matches but gradually he was selected for the international cricket team. Wahab Riaz played his first international test match in 2010 against England. His second match was a test against South Africa.

Wahab Riaz was married to Zainab Chaudhry in 2013. Recently Hasaan Ali was with the Wahab Riaz with their wives and clicks amazing movement. They click many pictures together. Wahab Riaz has a daughter whose name is Eshal Riaz. She is also such a pretty girl like her mother.

Hassan Ali is also a cricketer on the Pakistan International Cricket team. Hassan Ali was born in Mandi Bahauddin (Punjab, Pakistan) on 2 July 1994. He is a right-handed medium-fast bowler and a right-handed batsman. At the start of his career, he was a domestic player.

He played matches from the board and cities cricket team but gradually he is selected for the international cricket team and now he is an international cricketer. Hassan Ali married an Indian beautiful girl whose name is Samiya Arzoo. Let’s have a look at Wahab Riaz and Hassan Ali’s wives click some pictures together.

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