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Nasir Khan Jan Criticise Alizeh Shah Copy His Style

Alizeh Shah is the youngest famous actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She is so pretty and gorgeous. Recently unfortunately the dress and hairstyle of Alizey Shah get matched with Youtuber Nasir Khan Jan. Nasir Khan Jan criticize that she is copying his style and try to get fame by using me.

It was a funny conversation from the Nasir Khan Jan. He was just trying to make content for uploading it on Social media platforms (Youtube). Nasir Khan Jan is a famous Youtuber in Pakistan. He makes funny voice videos and tries to entertain their audience by eating food like a wild animal.

He filled his mouth with food and start eating. While eating he tried to speak to create fun but he can’t speak truly due to filled his mouth with food. Sometimes he would take a whole banana in his mouth without doing its pieces. But his way of singing is so good it really feels nice to hear.

There is a rumor between people that Nasir Khan Jan is got married and Nasir Khan Jan also upload a video on his Youtube channel and wrote the title that ‘I dedicate this song to my wife’. After watching that video it can be considered that he get married.

The famous Pakistani celebrity Alizeh Shah was born on 9 June 2000 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan). Perhaps she even does not know Nasir Khan Jan because he is not the most famous Youtube. It is just a tiny Youtuber with approximately 60k subscribers. In a photo, Nasir Khan says that Alizeh copy my hair style but it’s okay celebrate main copying just normal thing. Let’s have a look at their photos which become the reason for criticism.

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