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Mathira Latest Pictures After Surgery

Mathira is a famous Pakistani Actress, model, anchor, television host and singer. She appears in many music videos and as a host in several television shows. She was born on 25 February 1992 in Harare, Zimbabwe. After her birth, she was moved to Pakistan and start her career in Pakistan Showbiz Industry in 2007.

She play role in more than 7 Pakistani films. She was also played role in the famous movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and she played the role of a dancer in that film. She is now hosting a show in which she called the celebrities and Tiktoker in her show and roast them.

Mathira has undergone plastic surgery several times. She has done plastic surgery several times for looking beautiful and gorgeous. After her plastic surgery, she wears fit dresses after her plastic surgery. Most people in our country hate her because of her images, actions and such bold statements, many people even call her to swear words.

Mathira never paid attention to such hatred of people, she likes to live her life the way she wants and does whatever she likes to do. Whether it’s her flawed dress or her intimate photos leaked on the internet, whether it’s her singing skills or her item number in the Main hoon Shahid Afridi, Mathira is the only one competing with her.

Suddenly, the 29-year-old model puzzled her 749,000 fans about her recent move but has now revealed the reason for the deletion of the photos via Instagram Story. After removing the images, he created a story to explain his 749,000 followers on Instagram to tell his fans that the reason for deleting all posts is purely religious as he deleted all Muharram-related posts. Let’s have a look at her new pictures.

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