Hanish Qureshi is the daughter of a famous Pakistani actor, producer, and television host. Hanish Qureshi tries for the television drama serial to become an actress. She was fat but now she spent a lot of time and effort on herself and become fit.

She loses weight by workout and diet. She did not use any type of medicine to lose weight, she use a national workout to become fit. Faisal Qureshi is the father of Hanish Qureshi is also a talented actor and host. He did many television drama serials in his entire acting career.

He also played a good role in many hit movies. He did negative and positive roles in dramas but people even like him due to his good acting. As we can see from the photos, Hanish wore mostly simple clothes with his father, and with friends, he mostly wore a weird and daring dress.

Currently, Faysal Qureshi lives with his third wife and children, and Hanish enjoys life with friends and his mother is looking at some beautiful photos of Hanish Qureshi with his mother. Faisal Qureshi also started her own YouTube channel a few months ago to keep in touch with her. fans.

Where she talks to her fans on the channel about cooking tips, child care, and new hot topics. Did you know that Faisal Qureshi has a daughter from his first marriage? Her name is Hanish Qureshi and is an actress and model just like her father. Hanish Qureshi has also starred in many Pakistani dramas.

Hanish Qureshi is Faisal Qureshi’s first baby girl and is currently also seen as a model and artist in the entertainment industry after her third marriage. with her new partner and children and Hanish Separating Lives at home, here are some new pics of Hanish Qureshi in Outflank outfit.