The famous character of Nuclear physics Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan dies on 10 October 2021. He is the father of Pakistan’s Atomic Nuclear weapon. He was born before the separation of Pakistan and India on 1 April 1936 in Bhopal (India). He is a famous character in the history of Atomic Nuclear weapons.

It’s bad news for the whole nation that we again lost a great leader Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan. He feels us proud of creating nuclear weapons for Pakistan. Another name of Abdul Qadeer Khan is A.Q Khan. He was also awarded a number of prizes in which the famous awards are Nishan I Imtiaz and Hilal I Imtiaz.

Dr. Abdul Qadir acquired his engineering diploma from a college withinside the Netherlands in 1967. He acquired his doctorate in metallurgical engineering from a college in Belgium and later joined the Physical Dynamics Research Laboratory in Amsterdam.

In 2012 he was badly suffering from heart disease but recently the condition of Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan (A.Q Khan) was very bad but now he is not with us. We appeal to all nations to pray for him (Allah give him a high rank in Jannah) Ameen!