Famous Singer Faakhir Mehmood Lost his Mother

Faakhir Mehmood is a famous singer, music composer, keyboardist and music producer in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She was born on 20 April 1973 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan) and he complete his study from Lahore. He was in college at the age of 19 he start his singing career.

Everyone knows that he loves her mother a lot and Now she is not with him. She leaves him alone in this world. Faakhir Mehmood feels very sad due to his Mother’s death. He says that there is no life without a mother because it feels happy when you come home back and mom says son are you there I was waiting for you.

It’s really such a sad movement for him. He shared the news of her mother’s death on Instagram. He has an Instagram account where he shared posts with his fans.

One of the peculiarities of Faakhir Mehmood is that he tries to be active 24 hours a day on his Instagram account so that he can immediately answer questions asked by fans. And he undoubtedly looks as smart and fit as the little boys, even after he turns 50.

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