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Ayesha Akram Friend Rambo Arrested because he is responsible for all things

Ayesha Akram is a famous TikToker in Pakistan. Recently she got a lot of fame from her Tiktok videos. Ayesha Akram’s age is around 40 years but she pretends that she is young and she wears vulgar dress to get fame. She makes Tiktok videos in short dresses to get fame fast but she forgets that she is a Muslim woman and she belongs to a country in which the majority is Muslim.

Here we are talking about her event on Minar E Pakistan. In which she goes on 14 Aug to meet their fans but people did a bad thing with him. People start dragging her by their cloth and torn the dress. Ayesha Akram’s friend also was there whose name is Rambo. And now Ayesha said that the reason for all these accidents is Rambo.

Firstly Ayesha discredited Pakistan and she says that the people in Pakistan are ignorant but now she says that it was a preplanned accident which was planed by the Rambo. Police arrested Rambo in the case of Minar E Pakistan but I think they should have arrest Ayesha also because she dishonoured this country and said that the man living in the country have no sense.

Recently this news was trending on social media. People shared their different opinions on that accident and says that she should not have to go there alone and some people say that on the date of 14 Aug the whole Lahore get together at Minar E Pakistan then she should not have to conduct the meetup at that time. Now let’s have a look at some pictures in which police arrest Rambo.

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