Alyzeh Gabol is a famous Pakistani model and television serial actress who was born on 6 September 1994 and according to 2021, she is 27 years old. She is also a social media influencer and she got a lot of fame from social media accounts in the previous few years.

She was married to the nephew of Malik Riaz. But they get separated due to some reasons and even they did not talk to each other. She share some pictures on Instagram in which she shows that they are separated and she put the pictures of divorce paper on Instagram.

28-year-old Pakistani actress and model Alyzeh Gabol just announced her second marriage to Malik Riaz’s nephew Zoraiz Malik a few months ago. But as soon as the news went viral on social media, people started calling Alyzeh a woman who was destroying another woman’s house. to you that Alyzeh Gabol’s husband is already married to his cousin.

On the other hand, Zoraiz’s mother shared the divorce papers on social media and confirmed that Zoraiz had divorced Alyzeh Gabol. You all realize that Alyzeh Gabol is arguably considered the best model and artist in Pakistan. In addition, there are no two assumptions that she has the pleasure of being a model in an extremely short period of time.

In addition, she has done a lot of photoshoots with Eastern and Western clothing brands. While many Pakistani brands around the world are also convinced that months will project Alyzeh Gabol in the new assortment. Now here are some pictures of Alyzeh Gabol in which we can see her with her previous husband.