Zulqarnain Sikander Loves his Wife Kanwal Aftab

Zulqarnain Sikander is a famous TikTok star in Pakistan. He has a huge fan following in Pakistan. When he started making Tiktok lip sync videos at that time he was not famous the most and when he collaborates with Kanwal Aftab they both got a lot of fame from their videos.

Kanwal Aftab is also a famous Tiktok star in Pakistan and she lived in Lahore (Punjab, Pakistan). When she started making her Tiktok video she was not famous after some time she struggled and become famous. When Zulqurnain Sikandar and Kanwal Aftab start making Tiktok videos at that time both fall in love with each other.

They decided to get married and now they are a good couple. They married a few months ago. Kanwal Aftab is now not only a Tiktoker. She also makes vlogs and conducting interviews with different people in different cities. She also tried to become an actress. Soon we will saw her in Pakistan Showbiz Industry as an actress.

She tried her best in acting and she is making a drama with Zulqurnain Sikandar. They both are very attractive and beautiful. Kanwal Aftab also has social media accounts where she shared her pictures with her fans. Let’s have a look at her pictures with her beloved husband Zulqurnain Sikandar.

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