Falak Shabbir Helping Her Wife Sarah Khan Beautiful Clicks

Falak Shabbir is a famous Pakistani singer and songwriter. He was born on 27 December 1985 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan). Falak Shabbir was born into a Muslim family. His father is a business. He start his career in 2008 with a track song Rog.

His voice is so good and beautiful. In 2020 Falak Shabbir married Sarah Khan who is also a Pakistani Showbiz actress. Sarah Khan has a sister whose name is Noor Zafar Khan.

Sarah Khan start her career with the television drama serial Badi Aapa in 2012.

After her marriage, we can see that Falak Shabbir takes care of his wife a lot. It should be noted that Pakistani lead actress Sara Khan will soon become a mother.

Today Falak Shabbir is sharing her new videos on social media where Sara Khan is shopping for her next little guest instead of herself. Sarah Khan is near to become a mother.

Falak Shabbir helps his wife by messaging her head. She looks happy with her husband Falak Shabbir.

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