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Cinemas are going to open, good news for all Pakistani actor

News is surrounded all around that the cinemas are going to be open in different cities in Pakistan. The latest news is that the cinemas are going to open at the end of September because the government ordered all nations that they all have to confirm their vaccination.

Without vaccination, you will not be able to go to any country and you can’t even use the sim cards. Every single person has to be vaccinated twice. Restaurants and eateries are licensed to provide indoor and outdoor catering facilities.

The indoor dining room, however, will be limited to 50% of its capacity for those vaccinated only. Restaurant management will ensure that only vaccinated customers are offered the facility. Restaurants can offer dinner service until midnight daily.

Now, if the industry-wide hype is to be believed, theaters will resume hosting audiences by the end of September, after the NCOC makes a decision within the next two weeks, with pretty much the same rules in place.

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