Fiza Ali Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband

Fiza Ali is a Pakistani Host, Model, Actress and Dancer. She was born on 5 October 1980 in Pakistan. She starts her career in 2003 with a Television drama serial whose name is Mehndi and she played the role of Laiba. This drama was presented by the PTV channel.

Recently in 2019 she also did a movie whose name is Kaaf Kangana. Kaaf Kangana is written and directed by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar. She is not an actress she is also a host. In 2012 she started hosting a morning show whose name was Subh ki Fiza on A-Plus.

Fiza Ali married Fawad Farooq in 2007 and they both have a beautiful daughter together. The couple later divorced, but they are still very caring and responsible to their daughter, Faraal. Last year, Fiza Ali announced that she is now married to Ayaz Malik and will be leaving the show soon.

She also changed her name on Facebook from Fiza Ali to Fiza Ayaz Malik but now we have heard that Fiza has divorced her second husband Ayaz Malik. As she changed her name from Fiza Ayaz Malik to Fiza Ali and she deleted all posts on her nikkah with Ayaz from Facebook and Instagram.

Fiza Ali has been married two or three times in her life and almost all of her marriages have turned into divorces. On the other hand, she has a daughter from her first husband who is now 8 years old. But Fiza Ali confirmed in her interviews that she no longer wanted to marry. And he’s just focusing on educating his daughter.

Fiza Ali has a cute daughter from her first marriage to Fawad Farooq. She also explained how her first ex-husband took care of her daughter.

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