Shehzad Roy Beautiful Pictures With His Wife And Kids

Shehzad Roy is a Pakistani best and talented singer and songwriter. He got many achievements in his singing career. Shehzad Roy was born on born 17 February 1977 in Karachi (Sindh, Pakistan). He start his career in 1995.

He is 44 years old now. He release his album Zindagi in 1995 and it is really such a good album. He also sang many songs for Bollywood. He sang a song for Akshay Kumar’s movie whose name is Khatta Meetha.

Shehzad Roy got his first reward for being the best pop singer from the PTV award in 1999. He got approximately 12 awards in his entire life. Shahzad Roy is extremely talkative in social matters. Anytime you see something bad behavior in our mainstream audience, speak up.

These days, by and large, we’ve heard misogynistic jokes around us and it’s the same old thing however as we will hear these jokes constantly we are very used to them. Let’s have a look at the photos of Shehzad Roy with his wife and kids.

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