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Finally Sunny Jafry Got Engaged With Mariyam Asim

In 2020 Shahveer Jafra started his marriage life after that now Sunny Jafry brother of Shahveer is going to get engaged with Mariyam Asim. Shahveer Jafri and sunny Jafry both are famous YouTuber. Shahveer Jafry start his channel in 2016 and Sunny Jafry started his channel in 2017.

Sunny Jafry is a well-talented and famous YouTuber. He got mostly fame from his brother. Sunny Jafry has a well-looking personality. Sunny Jafry makes vlogs, funny short videos on his channel. She get married to Mariyam Asim and she is also a designer by profession.

She is also a well-talented and good-looking girl. She is so beautiful and pretty. Sunny Jafry was born in Pakistan but he lived in Canada and get engaged in Canada.

He got a lot of fame from his vlogs and short funny videos. The news is circulating on the social networks of famous YouTuber Shah Veer Jafri who is set to get engaged this month.

What is light? Thanks to his unique style, he has climbed a special popularity ladder where millions of people have become his followers.

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