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Shafaat Ali Spend Inimitable Time With His Wife

Shafaat Ali was born on 9 Feb 1986 in Peshawar (Pakistan). He is famous for his stand-up comedy, acting, tv hosting, and impersonator. He present himself in this field in 2006. The show was the 4 man show and Shafaat Ali presented as a co-host.

Shafaat Ali spouse to Rebecca Faryal. Rebecca Faryal is also such a good-looking and beautiful girl. She was born in Peshawar. She is a doctor in the profession. She complete her MBBS degree in 2015 from Peshawar Medical College. Her religion is Islam.

However, Shafaat Ali currently hosts a morning show with Madiha Naqvi on a private channel. Also in this show, they don’t allow fans to stand up in front of the TV. Their themes are such that viewers are compelled to watch them. One of the reasons for Shafaat Ali’s success and fame is his parody, thanks to which he is famous all over Pakistan.

Entertain fans with different voices. Parodying political party leaders including Bilawal Bhutto, Khalilur Rehman Qamar, and other celebrities and actors, Shafaat won the admiration of the public, including fans. Shafaat’s wife Rebecca Faryal says Shafaat’s mother sings very well, at that time she couldn’t find this platform.

As for marriage, he says marriage changes life, that’s why I changed the life of intercession, while intercession became famous because of me. Shafaat Ali also has a son who is a copy of him, he loves his father very much. Shafaat is living a happy life with his wife.

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