Famous Youtuber Nadir Ali Get Married To A Beautiful Girl

Nadir Ali is the most famous Youtuber in Pakistan. He started his youtube charrier in 2016. P 4 Pakao is the name of his youtube channel. He got a lot of fame from Youtube. Recently Nadir Ali marry to a very beautiful and gorgeous girl Faiza Nadir. Faiza talked to Nadir Ali first time on social media and she say that I saw the funniest YouTuber like you in the history of Pakistan.

As we all know that Nadir Ali did some fake pranks which were exposed by Shameer Abbas Shah. I think it did not do any bad effect on his channel. The fan following of Nadir Ali is still maintained. Nadir Ali has a huge amount of fan following in Millions but he said he is a huge fan of his wife Faiza Nadir.

Nadir is said to be the one who established his name as one of Pakistan’s leading pranks through rigorous use of social media and digital platforms and, of course, his brilliant ability to prank people with his classic humor.

Nadir Ali was born on September 2, 1991, in Lahore, Pakistan. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. He started funny joke videos and got huge success.

He works with his team and everyone is really funny. Home Entertainment Pakistani prankster Nadir Ali shares a photo with his wife and the couple looks stylish!

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