Yashma Gul was also taken to Hosptal in Critical Condition

Yashma Gil, who is a lovely and extremely skilled entertainer of Pakistan, has been in an exceptionally terrible condition throughout the previous few days. She has visited the clinic a ton. She has likewise spoke to every one of her fans to ask. Plus, Sonia Hassan additionally went to the clinic yesterday. It appears to be that the specialists have sicknesses simultaneously.

Pakistani entertainer Yashma Gil has uncovered with regards to her smash.

Entertainer Yashma Gil as of late showed up on a web show during which she was first gotten some information about Krishna.

In light of the inquiry, entertainer Yashma Gul said that her first squash was the child of her dad’s companion, she was extremely youthful around then and presently she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where he will be.

However, meanwhile, Yashma unexpectedly changed her assertion and said that her first squash was Bollywood entertainer Hrithik Roshan.

It very well might be reviewed that prior entertainer Rimsha Khan had likewise proclaimed Hrithik Roshan as her crush.g

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