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Silah Yasir Doughter of Nida Yasir is Looking so cute & young and She Enterance in Showbiz coming Soon

Nida Yasir is a notable television have who is known all over Pakistan for her facilitating. Crowds watching on television screens have been watching them on TV for a long time. Nida Yasir’s little girl, Silah Yasir, shows up with him at most family works. Furthermore, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz consistently go on vacation trips with their youngsters.

Silah Yasir played filled the role of the little girl of entertainer Syed Jibran in the well known show sequential Chip Raho and her cousins ​​had additionally acted with Silah in this dramatization. Quiet down show was likewise made by Yasir Nawaz, the dad of Salah. What’s more, Salah Yasir is likewise getting her schooling.

Nida Yasir, the television host and entertainer of the well known Morning Show, has communicated lament over the slip-up of wearing her little girl’s companion’s dress during the show. As indicated by subtleties, Nida Yasir as of late said that there is a reasonable space in my home where my group keeps all my fashioner dresses and I wear these garments during the show. The planner’s name is then uncovered to the show’s crowd.

Television have Nida Yasir said that I was likewise informed that I glanced exceptionally wonderful in this dark couple yet nobody referenced the name of the fashioner. The following second my little girl came and asked What dress did you wear to the show?

Host Nida Yasir said, “I disclosed to her I don’t have the foggiest idea about the name of the planner of this dress.” Then, at that point my girl said that these were her companion’s garments which she had acquired from a companion at the wedding.

Unintentionally, Nida Yasir’s little girl lost her garments and arrived at Nida Yasir’s closet. Notable television have says I was humiliated to such an extent that I wore my girl’s companion’s dress? Yet, I was likewise glad that I got a young lady’s dress.

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