is said that where there are two vessels, there is a fracture. Then, at that point showbiz is a reality where bit by bit there are freedoms to rival one another and to endure one another. There are some secret fights that occasionally become visible under some guise.

1-Azeeka Daniel and Sana Javed

As of late, the show “Dunk” reached a conclusion and every one of the entertainers demonstrated how the dramatization can be carried nearer to the real world. Performed well and performed well indeed . Joyfully, Daniel shared his photographs with the group collectively, however Sana Javed was no place in the gathering. Somebody remarked that Sana Javed, who was integral to the dramatization, did exclude him in the gathering. The envy of the side entertainer. Azika reacted so that a few group don’t consider anybody sufficiently significant to take pictures or recordings with them. Set your contempt to the side and shut your mouth when you don’t have a clue about a story. put it. This is by all accounts valid for Umair Waqar Make Craftsman saying that Sana Javed is proudy individual.

2-Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and Mahira Khan

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is likewise battling with many names, however over the most recent couple of days, subsequent to seeing the image of Mahira Khan transparently, he said in a show that he was heartbroken that she was the champion of my dramatization. In a dramatization that Khalil-ur-Rehman made with regards to his life, there was a couple of model Adnan and Mahira Khan which he laments and he doesn’t care for Mahira Khan the slightest bit.

3-Ayesha Khan and Humaima malick

I don’t have a clue what’s happening inside, however now and again, Ayesha Khan referenced Humaima malick in a show as though she didn’t care for Humaima malick. At the point when Humaima malick was asked in a show, she said He said that Ayesha will get significance regardless of whether I referenced it. Presently everybody is as yet unconscious of what’s going on with this squabble.