Minal Khan and Ahsan Moshin Ikram are getting wed and they shared their Minal Khan and Ahsan Moshin Ikram Declare their Wedding Date and furthermore shared their wedding card. Minal Khan said, Allhamdullilah , Ahsan Mohsin Ikram where did you come from achanak? Presently you’re remaining for eternity

Wedding Card planned by littlelettercomp

Aiman Khan gave involved with her sister and Minal Khan said, What a great night facilitated by my sister. Much thanks to you hani for everything .

Ahsan Moshin Ikram additionally shared the wedding card and said, Alhamdulillah! We’re getting married!!!.Minal Khan, I will cherish you for all eternity and ever and at any point till my last breath.Ya Allah! It’s occurring I love you as well