It is truly tragic that in the present time and age, ladies need to confront sexism in varying backgrounds and even big names succumb to this harmful attitude. After Mahira Khan, Pakistani entertainer Saba Qamar, who had featured in Hindi Medium, has been savaged pitilessly via web-based media over her spilled BTS picture where she was smoking nonchalantly while finishing her cosmetics. A few group have additionally remarked on an open catch of her shirt and how she is a humiliation to their ‘way of life’ in Pakistan.

A portion of these savages have expressed, “Saba Qamar has likewise start following Mahira Khan, Is she even Muslim any longer ??” Another one remarked, “Saba Qamar has additionally start following Mahira Khan,Shamefull..are we muslims.” While masses savaged Saba, there were others from the Pak entertainment world who really remained by her and hammered the savages.

Adnan Siddiqui took to web-based media to remain by his companion and express, “Got through what’s being called BTS pictures of my associate and a companion #SabaQamar’s as of late done photoshoot which is fanning out via online media like quickly, I’m profoundly disheartened by this demonstration, this isn’t us and we shouldn’t invest heavily in it in any way! #support #friendship.” Osman Khalid, who is one more associate of Saba’s believed, “for hell’s sake, quit searching for each pardon to drag your symbols down… Stop sharing these pictures/recordings and quit remarking on them. Assuming you need to stand up, revolt against the jahalat of whoever did this only for web-based media notoriety.”

Entertainer Aijaz Aslam considered this demonstration a modest trick for exposure by the savages and composed, ” Today I feel tragic that an associate and probably the best entertainer of Pakistan is being taken advantage of by somebody for a modest exposure stunt… it was only a straightforward BTS (behind the scene) video during a photoshoot from which the screen captures were taken and made viral via online media… It’s nauseating that individuals can go up to any degree for modest exposure… Saba you are a whiz and don’t let these haters demotivate you… “